DIY: Budget Garage Makeover

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While we lived in Florida we had a normal 2-car garage that I wanted to turn into something more.  We didn’t park in and used it for working out and woodworking instead.  I found a whole set of used kitchen cabinet online for free from some folks who were remodeling their kitchen.  We purchased epoxy concrete paint for $32.00 a gallon (3 gallons) and a bag of decorative paint chips ($10.00)  to sprinkle in the floor.  I painted the walls with “oops” paint I found at Lowes for $10 a gallon and mixed that gallon with another gallon of paint I had that closely matched.  I also painted all the cabinets gloss black and we purchased 1x10x12’s to create a countertop.  ($10.00 each x5) I stained the counter using some leftover stain.  We painted the walls, hung the cabinets, installed the coutners and had a new garage that looked like a showroom!  All for just $166.00.

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